About us


Our expert team of florists and arrangers has been meeting all the demands of our clients for many years and makes wonderful arrangements and bouquets for all occasions in life.
Our wide range of arrangements, bouquets, wreaths, baskets, cut flowers, quality artificial flowers, pots and wreaths can be picked up and ordered via a contact phone, some of the above mentioned e-mail addresses, or visit us at one of our locations. In addition to the rich offer of flowers, we also offer delivery services in the wider area of Dalmatia.
The LANTANA Flower Shop offers a service for decorating of spaces for all types of events.


Losing a loved one is extremely difficult, and with so much pain organizations funeral poses a big problem for mourners. Therefore, we suggest that you contact us with a full confidence and let us handle that problem for you, and provide you with dignified and peaceful funeral of loved ones.

- Buying a burial place

- Transport of the deceased in Croatia and abroad

- Obtaining all necessary documentation

- Creating an obituary

- We are unrivaled in making funeral wreaths and arrangements

- Great selection of all the funerary equipment: coffins, urns, vases, candle holders..

At any time we are ready to answer your call and come to your address and arrange with  you  all  the  details  of  the  funeral.   We   offer   all   services   related   to   the organization   of   the   funeral   from   the  moment  of  passing  away  until  burial.


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