Wedding without flowers is simply unimaginable because the flowers determine the look and style of the whole wedding. Flowers on the wedding symbolize love, as for example a wedding bouquet expresses the fiance's love of fiancee, and the ancient tradition is that during the wedding the bride throws that bouquet behind herself, as if giving a piece of this love to bring happiness to another unmarried girl that is lucky enough to catch it.

LANTANA offers services of wedding planning and wedding organization. In accordance with the wishes of future brethren we plan every detail of the wedding; from theme and color, to location and budget needed.
In order to create a pleasant atmosphere that affects the well-being of the guests, it is important to pay special attention to decorating the wedding hall.
No matter whether it is a great glamorous wedding or an intimate one in a smaller space, we will make sure that we make this day unforgettable.


Wedding organization also has a special sector of our business. Wedding bouquets and arrangements are specialty for our employees. By arrangement preparation and organization of the wedding can be done in any of our flower shops. 
Decorations of the wedding hall and cars are also made according to agreement.

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