Since always, man uses flowers as the most beautiful ornament that nature can give, to decorate and magnify all the important events in life.
Following the world trends in designing flower creations, In Lantana we are constantly improving the techniques of making arrangements, bouquets and wreaths for all occasions and purposes.
In line with the wishes of our clients, we create unique, modern and innovative creations and flower decorations, while using the best quality flowers and other flowering materials.
To make flower decorations from fresh flowers, we use all sorts of highest quality flowers and greens; from domestic and seasonal, to exotic flowers from import.


Secluded flower shop Lantana Benkovac also does business many years now.                                             The business premises are also exposed to all kinds of arrangements and bouquets of fresh and artificial flowers. Arriving in commercial property of flower shop or by calling phone numbers can be ordered all kinds of funeral bouquets and wreaths, and also complete order on the organization of the funeral in the Croatian Republic. We do burials according to agreement even outside Croatian Republic.


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